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Welcome to the prayer wall! This wall allows you to submit a prayer request and view requests that have come in from people. “ Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16, KJV”

My father’s healing

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ArnaudMabikana Pray for this

Edification by the Holy Spirit

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Dear anointed men of God, I'm a brother from Ghana. Please,pray for me that I could have more knowledge about God, experience the impartation of the Holy Spirit, shift me totally away from the power sin and finally, pray for me that I could have unshakable faith and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you.
ChristopherKumedzro Pray for this

To babptise with Holy Ghost

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Shalom i am From Algeria a country with 40 millions people and i am the only one in the message. Can you help me to pray to baptise with the Holy Ghost. God bless you
BoualiNaima Pray for this

Prayer request

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I fully invite Jesus Christ to be my life. I pray and open myself so much to receive deep in my being everything Jesus Christ has done for me and to fully experience the holy spirit and the Mind of Jesus, I pray I receive him in all his majesty. I pray Jesus Christ to be in the heart and spirit of my marriage. I pray my wife Cynthia's life is blessed abundantly by God and his depth of love for us. I pray the children Rishon, Nathaniel and Justin are blessed in the way they live, there schooling there relationship with Jesus Christ. I pray gods love breathe it's glory in our hearts and lives Amen Benjamin mansell Western Australia
BenjaminMansell Pray for this

Bad unblessing from devils

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Hey evening light tabernacle was wondering about my mom's bad funeral home disaster for her sister. she died after that my mom and my family are getting attacked by bad spirits in graveyard from Watson lake Yukon territory. Bunch of drunks roam our house and plague us in away with residential school curses so we don't go to a good heaven I hope is in the Lord to guide us in way we would know best.
TroyFairclough Pray for this

Church Shelter

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God bless you Saints of God. Christian greetings from Uganda in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please pray with/for us the Almighty to provide us with Church shelter for our two fellowships in Uganda,that is Grace headstone Tabernacle in Kirinya Wakiso near Kampala and Kalachai Fellowship in Tororo.God bless you.
JACKSONIMAI Pray for this


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For joni deliverance from bipolar, alcoholism, for her to be faithful
AshleyTemple Pray for this

Loss Job

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Dear Anointed Bride Of Jesus Christ, I am from Angola, your brother in Christ and believer of the End Time Message of Rev. William Marrion Branham. Please, pray for me. I faithfully tithed and donate for Gospel Works including Voice of God but, my faith got tested. I received a Termination of my Job Contract on April 17th , due to the COVID-19 event and now I can't afford the wedding scheduled in two months. I have the Lord's promise that He will bless me when I pay my tithing and now I want the Lord Jesus to come in the scene. I believe all things are possible. Thank you in advance for your assistance with my request, May The Almighty God Bless you in Jesus's Name. Best regards, Luemba Serafim +244993188814
LuembaSerafim Pray for this

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